Self-Restraint before marriage – key to good health!

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In the 21st century, Brahmacharya (celibacy) is something considered laughable. Because all around a woman is projected was a commodity meant to provoke and excite men. In such a scenario, how can anyone give importance to celibacy? They may not but fact don’t lie — a staggering one out of five couples is childless and their numbers are growing – all thanks to not observing self-restraint before marriage.

The moot question is why should anyone talk about celibacy when today happiness is defined in terms of money and physical relations? But this is an irony. In this age of advanced technology, an individual’s emotions and desires are seeking fulfillment in the wrong path. And that path has its pitfalls for sure.

According to an estimate, 90 million Indians suffer from erectile dysfunction and the market for drugs targeting them is worth Rs. 90 crores.

What’s more ‘infertility’ in itself has become an industry with a 20 to 30 percent is the growth rate every year. Not to speak of the fact that there are 40,000 cycles of infertility treatment done nationwide. In stark comparison in the year 2000, that figure was just 7,000 cycles.

Today’s man is hastening towards destruction as he indulges into activities that provide sensual pleasure, considering it the sole way of attaining happiness. The saints, social reformers and great men of our land have given importance to simplicity, restraint and celibacy to experience pure bliss and have held this way of life as the best.

History is witness to the fact that social reformers who changed the course of history and fate of civilization by giving a new direction to life, were celibate. Restraint even in marital life and abstinence before marriage has been dwell upon as ideal by the wise men, something which has countless benefits.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who is being followed by youth massively, has given emphasis on the benefits of celibacy, restraint and abstinence on premarital sex. He stresses that following restraint and abstinence is essential for mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Why Should One Practice Celibacy

Today’s man is imprisoned in the material world. He is slave to his own desires and is losing the sense of what is right and wrong. An estimate can be drawn from the fact that a large number of youngsters have no qualms in considering extramarital relation, substance abuse and drinking as justified.And by the time they realize their mistake, it is too late.

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Mental stress, depression, extreme anger, and even suicides are increasing because of failure to follow celibacy and restraint. Even statistics pint towards a drop in fertility rates over the age. According to the UNICEF, in 1970 the figure was 5.5 in 1990 it fell to 3.9 and in 2012 it was just 2.5- all this because of not following the path of celibacy before marriage.

According to an estimate around 10 percent of young males have serve defects in sperm quality, quantity and production. Close to 6 percent of male infertility and 14 percent of ovarian failures have been reported and they are on account of chromosomal abnormalities. Around 16 percent of married woman are childless in the cities. All these can be directly linked to avoiding celibacy.

A recent health survey revealed some startling facts – a whopping 46 percent Indians, between the ages of 31 and 40, require medical intervention to conceive as one or both partners suffer from fertility problems. While poly-cystic ovarian disorder was the main reason in women, poor sperm count topped the list in men.

Incidentally, men who smoke and drink alcohol have 13-17 percent lesser sperm count than teetotalers. And today, stress and lifestyle diseases have also added to infertility woes.

Today, youngsters are giving importance to physical relations before marriage. It is a bitter fact that exposure to cinema, other forms of entertainment and openness has created a society that has sidelined its own culture.

At one point of time, ancient schools, known as Gurukul, preached abstinence before marriage and encouraged youngsters to direct their energy into other fruitful, inspirational activities like sports. But, today the picture is different.Youngsters are ruining their lives by indulging in physical pleasures before marriage and establishing their lives on false emotions. They justify it, calling it the ultimate bliss.

In the past, elders understood the outcome of ignoring celibacy, abstinence and restraint and foresaw the destruction that would come out of it. That is why they took pains to promote a healthier way of life and spread the word of benefits of celibacy among the masses.

Some Amazing Benefits Of Celibacy

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Science too has acknowledged the fact that the fall in quality of relationships between people, disinterest in humanity, are all outcomes of not maintaining celibacy science has understood the power of celibacy. According to scientists, a celibate person is physically powerful than a no-celibate.

A celibate’s mental, spiritual health is far better and stronger and so is his ability to make correct decisions. His mental faculties are sharper and emotional health is stronger as well.

A celibate person is more satisfied with life than others. He is more disciplined, punctual than others. A celibate’s concentration is higher, he is not depressed, does not suffer from stress, he lives longer and his health too remains better than others. Then the question that raises its head is what has happened in society that celibacy is now only limited to the Saints.

Saints have said that if your ‘Soul’ is healthy then your body too will remain healthy. And if you are not physically healthy then your inner self cannot remain healthy then your inner self cannot remain healthy as well. So, is our inner self healthy today? The answer to this in most cases is ‘NO’ as depression, anger and unhappiness have soured our relations.

Keeping a leash on your desires and exercising restraint has been advised by many a great men down the ages. To satiate these insatiable desires, a many strays away from the path of righteousness, into the one that leads to sorrow, unhappiness, depression and loneliness.

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  • Recent cultural upheaval demonstrates the inability of men to control their sexual appetites, the practice of celibacy can and will promote a solid emotional platform that affects your place in the world of physical and spiritual dimensions. Strong men make weak by the example of Donald Trump’s inability to control sexual impulsivity. No greater example than King David’s send Uriah to the front to meet his death while the King wanted and coveted the wife of another man. I married a women after a three month engagement without the carnal knowledge, that lasted 20+ years producing 5 children. Now I am in my 8th year of the practice of celibacy and enjoy the rich rewards that come from the discipline. In my late 60’s I feel great and closer to feeling compassion for fellow human beings..

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