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Check For These Signs Today And Save Yourself From Skin Cancer

Some people used to spend most of their time outdoors either because of work or because of studies due to which they have to be in sunlight for long hours. As a result of which they get early skin aging, dark spots, wrinkles and sometimes skin cancer too. The sunlight causes a number of skin changes which we often consider as a part of aging or other side effects. Direct exposure to sunlight on the face leads to various age spots and it accelerates the impact of aging and enhances the risk of developing skin cancer. People who expose to sunlight more often have their skin older than the ones who expose less.

Ultraviolet radiations from sunlight directly affect your skin and have been the major cause of skin cancer. The UV light radiations are responsible for damaging the fibers in the skin known as elastin. This fiber is responsible for keeping the skin healthy and after the breakdown of these fibers; the skin initiates to stretch and sag and becomes unable to go to its actual position. Hence, the skin becomes more prone to bruises and tears, also taking longer to heal.

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How to Identify and Prevent Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is caused by the uncontrolled rise in the number of abnormal skin cells which in turn results in tumors either benign or malignant. Skin cancer is of three types’ squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, and basal cell carcinoma. This can be spotted and stopped at early stages.

  • Normally people do have some kind of birthmark, beauty mark or mole on their skin. If these marks change color, then it is a concern.
  • The visible marks on the skin like beauty marks or birthmarks should not increase in dimensions or thickness.
  • The marks on the skin should not change its feel and consistency
  • Also, the marks should not get an uncommon outline
  • An unhealed sore or skin patch that bleeds prolong, or if it hurts, erodes or itches, then it is a matter of concern and needs immediate attention
  • A skin patch which is of a different color like black, pearly, multicolored or translucent
  • A patch which is bigger than a size of pencil eraser
  • A bleeding spot which do not get repaired in three weeks

There is a visibility of such spots in people who are of 21 years and more. Skin pigmentation which is normally found in pregnant women is not a form of skin cancer. If anyone identifies these symptoms, they should consult a skin specialist on an urgent basis. There are some precautionary measures which can prevent growth of the cancer mark. Melanoma Cancers are related with ultra-violet radiations, it happens when the skin comes in contact with ultra-violet rays from the sun. The skin should be protected by the application of sun screen creams or lotions with an SPF 15 or more as per the Skin Cancer Foundation.

To avoid skin cancer, children should be educated about taking care of their skin from an early age; as a result they learn to take care of their skin from teens. Skin cancer detected at an early stage gets cured early and easily and hence to detect it, a regular examination is required. Many doctors conduct a full body examination once a month to check existing moles, spots are behaving normally. Lots of information is available on the internet and it is essential to create awareness about it. Rather than hiding any kind of abnormality you observe, it is essential to consult doctor as soon as possible.

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