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Those who don’t learn from past are doomed to repeat it

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It is well said that there is no school bigger than life and no lesson bigger than time. The good and bad situations which we face in our life teach us the true lessons and at every step of life new experiences are always waiting for us the need is to tackle and learn from them with complete wisdom and vision.

Experiences are always staying and walking by us, we do not get any special knock for them. But we sometimes failed to understand that what life want to teach us through experiences. We should always learn from our experiences to make us better Today, Tomorrow, Every day.

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Here are some tips which will help you to know that how to understand and tackle new experiences of life:-

  • One should always share his each and every big and small experience with others as its similar to share knowledge with others.
  • Always learn from your experiences as it rescues you from repeating same mistake again and again.
  • Good and Bad experiences are like the two faces of coin, learn to handle both of them.
  • Learning from other’s experience is also a master art always learn from other’s experiences too.

Wading through your experiences is the best way to get success in life. Making mistakes at some points is not a big deal but repeating those mistakes makes the situations more worst. because those who do not learn from their mistakes, experiences and history, never become successful and are always unable to make better place in society.


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