The times when getting your section changed was the worst kind of heartbreak

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Everybody has gone through the excitement of the first day of new school year and nothing can beat that excitement when a new class and new courses await you. Packed with new school bag, stationary, books, and notebooks when you enter the school is the best moment one can have. With everything new waiting for you, the new teachers also do, of course, some against whom your seniors had warned you too.

These are really the unforgettable times of life. Many years back I still remember my first day in class 11th.

Along with the excitement, there was a union of anxiety and tension prevailing in the assembly that day.  The familiar faces, that are freshly turned a year older greeted each other. For the first time, the PT teacher was not instructed students to be disciplined. Soft murmurs were palpable in the frightening silence.

Back in school, getting your section changed was the only heartbreak

Then there became a pin drop silence when one of our old teachers took the stage armed with a sheet of paper. “Roll numbers 1-10, class 11th A,” she read out from the list.

And just like that, it seems me my fate was sealed. I didn’t even hear the rest of the list. Because it wasn’t necessary at all.

Soon I encountered that all the faces which I knew, would be going to a different section, all my friends which I’d made through the years, all the bonds that I’d forged, all gone. Thanks to one random selection made that day.

That was the time when I was thinking that my life had come to an end. Then I hated my parents for not keeping my name with the letter ‘A’. The line for the new section was getting bigger and bigger till it reached the class limit. I was helpless watching everything in horrors when all the familiar faces faded away and the new teacher took the command. Unfortunately, I had been forced out of my comfort zone and it hurt me a lot.

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“The change of section always remains the biggest and the most painful heartbreak of life.”

Now entering the new class among new faces was the biggest challenge. They were all those came from other sections of the same class or from other schools. At that time, the situation was just compounded by a sense of loneliness amidst a sea of new people. More than that you were only who was longing for a sense of familiarity and others just took few seconds to adapt to new environment.

What is the worst part of a change of section is, “even though everything is same, it seems all different.”

They say distance makes the hearts grow fonder, but I witnessed all my friends became strangers and they have nothing to do with you now. You are left with no old friend and you don’t have any friends in the new class too.

The situation becomes worse when the other section gets all the best teachers and you got stuck with the very teachers your seniors had warned you about.

Though, the time has the power to heal every pain. Except this one.

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