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How To Earn Money Online With Google Adsesne

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Adsense is the world’s no 1 CPC Ad network for bloggers which can make you financially independent, Almost every website uses Adsense Ad Units on it’s blog & websites, all you need is a good quality website and which abides with Adsense policies. Almost every blog owner is aware of Adsense but this post is for those who aren’t familiar with Adsense network and How to make money online using Google Ads.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is Cost Per Click Ad network by Google wherein Google allows publishers to share ad units on their respective websites/blogs. Advertisers contact Google via Google Adwords to Advertise its brand and Google gives opportunity for publishers to share Ad units on their websites.

How to make money from Google Adsense?

  • The Best Ethical Way to Earn Money From Blogging: Google started Adsense program back in 2003 and during these 10 years google has helped many small businesses to earn money online.
  • Follow the guidelines, you cannot cheat Google: In order to make money from Google Adsense you need to have a quality blog/website and it should comply with all the Adsense policies. Check Adsense policies to know more.
  • Always remember – Content is the King: Without quality content, you can never get Adsense approval. Adsense team constantly monitors content on your site. If you have a good quality website then you qualify as Publisher and you can place ad units to start earning from Adsense.
  • Adsense Revenue Sharing: Google keeps 32% of the revenue and 68% goes to Publishers.

How To Apply For Google Adsense?

Simply sign in to Google Adsense and submit your site Google will review your site and if you pass the first review step then you will be informed via email to place ad units on your website, however, the ads won’t appear on your site.

Once you go through final review then ads will start to appear on your website, it is important to be patient as it takes time to get approval from Adsense.

If you have a good quality website with non-plagiarized and informative content, nothing can stop you from getting approval.

Why To Choose Google Adsense Over Other Ad Networks?

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  • It is powered by Google.
  • Pays higher as compared to other ad networks like, Chitika, InfoLinks, Ad Mavon and Clicksor.
  • Google script automatically matches best possible ads (Relevant ads for your blog).
  • You have liberty to allow and block ads from Adsense Dashboard. You can ban sensitive categories like gambling, sex, alcohol and other ad displays that you find in-appropriate for your readers.
  • You can choose to place text ads as well as media ads, in recent updates Google has recently launched inline feed ads, native inline article ads that are gonna be next big thing in monetization spheres.
  • Place ads on 500 URL channels (Once you get approval from Adsense there is no limit to money making you can place ads on 500 different websites).
  • Cost per click (CPC) is high for clicks from UK, USA, Canada, Australia you can earn $3-$4 per click and even more.

How many Ad Unit Can I place: For safe uses, you can place up to 3 banner Ads there is no compulsion of what types you can place vertical, horizontal, square, check these ad units to know more. If you are a premium member you will be allowed to place more ad units, but placing more ads will affect the content friendliness for a reader.

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What is the minimum Payout for Google Adsense: In India, the minimum payout is 100 $, you need to reach at least 100$  in order to receive a check from Adsense.

How To Get Your Adsense Account Approved?

Here, we are sharing some important tips for Adsense newbies. Following these methods and guidelines, we got our Adsense approval just in 60 days with a new blog. However, this is not applicable in all cases, as we earlier discussed – patience is the key.

  • One key rule – “Follow Google and Google will follow you back.” It means that when you are dealing with Google carefully then Google will also look at you very closely. First, read all Google Adsense policies carefully.
  • In general, your website should be six months old. It does not matter your domain is how much old. Google also wants a good template. So make sure that your template should be very fresh and healthy.
  • Write only quality content and make your website useful. It means making your site as the standard informative portal, where readers get to read really helpful content.
  • Do not put any copied content on blog or website. Plagiarism kills all the possibilities of getting your Adsense account approved.
  • Do not put the pop-up ads on your blog or website Google hates this thing. Google will reject your review application instantly.
  • Do not add porn content to your site.
  • Look at your images carefully. They should not be in the category of porn or so.
  • Do some social media promotion but make sure you do not flood it reaching the spam point.
  • Do not play with yourself.

Conclusion: If you a blogger and looking to earn money online this is the roadmap for you. Apply to Google Adsense and start making money from today onwards. If you have any doubts let us know in our comment section. Have fun. Share your tips in comments. If you like this information then do not hesitate to click on the share button below.

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