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All You Need To Know About iPhone 8

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With the year 2017 marked as the 10th anniversary of iPhone and apple has brought something marvelous to celebrate the occasion. Though the fans got an early taste of what’s in the store from the rumors spreading before its release. Apple has unveiled iPhone8 today and has wow the users on its tenth anniversary. iPhone 8 is going to be the best choice for those who want to upgrade their iPhone which is the first to have Retina HD display, wireless charging tech and a vertical dual rear facing the camera.

The iPhone 8 was officially unveiled at a launch event in its newly-built Steve Jobs theatre on its new campus. The invites were sent to journalists in August to attend the iPhone 8 release event at 10 am Pacific time (6 pm UK time). Most probably the newly released devices will be available for purchase one week after the official release where iPhone 8 will be available for pre-order from September 15, likely to hit stores on September 22.

Apple iPhone 8 price, features and full phone specifications

iPhone 8 price: The highest spec model is the first to cost £699 for the 64GB version and £849 for the 256 GB version. With this, it has become very expensive smartphone of iPhone family. This price tag of more than £699 would make the brand new released device more expensive than Apple iPhone 7. The cost varies according to the different variants available according to the memory and other specifications.

End of Home Button: Apple in its new release has ended the tradition of having a home button which has been present in all the smartphones since their origin. It has incorporated TouchId technology which is an advance pressure-detection technology with 3D touch.

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The need of clicking a physical home button has been minimized as the phone wakes up whenever it is picked. The touch is and the fingerprint reading technology in the screen is likely to solve security issues too.

Iphone 8 Display: The iPhone has a look like a piece of glass that covers the whole front of the phone. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch retina HD display. It also replaces the old aluminum back with a glass back. Such a design has allowed iPhone to have a larger screen size and the retina display is far better than the earlier displays.

Facial Recognition: Apple has introduced an infrared scanner for unlocking the phone using facial recognition software. Taking care of the privacy issues, apple has introduced a very effective mechanism of facial or Iris scanning to protect the phone. The technology provides security to personal data. Every person has his unique irises identification so it will be very hard to replace it which leads to 100% guaranteed safety. You can on your phone using your eye scanning, face scanning or finger scanning.

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Wireless charging: Everyone finds batteries a big issue in mobile phones which makes charging phones a tedious task. But Apple’s newly released iphone8 could go better and allow wireless charging. Users can charge their phone through the Lightning port that beams power from the socket would be really amazing. It provides a convenient, safe, and reliable way to charge. It also provides a lot of efficiency and safety advantages over the traditional charging through cable.

iOS 11: Every model of iPhone comes with the new release of the software. iPhone8 comes with the latest software iOS11. Peer to peer apple pay and redesigned control center are the latest features of iOS11. iOS 11 includes a dock just like a Mac computer, and it follows you from app-to-app along the bottom. It’s hidden, but you can always swipe up to access it.

iphone 8 confihuration, iphone 8 memory, iphone free download images, iphone 8 screen display, iphone 8 colorAnimoji: ‘Animoji’ is a very interesting feature of iPhone 8 which creates emoji based on face expressions using 3D face sensors. Animoji is the ‘custom animated messages which reflect the facial expressions’. The iPhone provides a wide range of animoji from chickens to foxes. These can be customized by the left and right eyebrows, cheeks, raising the chin, opening or squinting eyes, moving jaw, lips, mouth movements like frowning and smiling etc.

Smart Camera: Apple iPhone features the 12 mega pixel primary camera for better shots possible. The smart cam allows the camera to automatically adjust the settings accordingly after recognizing specific scenes. This is really impressive and very easy to use.

There is a lot more with iPhone 8 and has a never ending list. The brand new phone has dust resistant and water-resistant ability of 30 minutes to a depth of one minute and is available in blush gold color. Moreover, The Company is likely to unveil a third generation of the Apple Watch.

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