From photos to videos, from music to quizzes, from expert advice to knowledge regarding all the genres Roar 7 will provide you all. Roar 7 is much more than just a micro-blogging website, along with interacting with your buddies here you can find information regarding various areas, the advice of experts, sale and purchase price in agriculture market and a lot more.

If you use Facebook, Twitter, Quora, OLX etc on a regular basis, you might be annoyed with storage space problem on your phone, developers of the Roar 7 intend to make provide similar services on a single platform. You need not surf multiple websites for various purposes; in Roar7 a single dedicated platform will provide you all what you want.

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The recently launched Roar 7 app will allow you to interact, upload photos and videos just like Twitter and Facebook and will let you put your questions like Quora! Here we have an easy how-to-use guide for Roar 7 app, so install it and get to know its best features:

How to Download And Install Roar 7 App On Your Phone

Downloading Roar 7 App: Roar 7 is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It is very easy to download and install and you can download by using following links according to the supported platform of your mobile phone.

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Roar7 For Android: Android link Roar7
Roar 7 For iOS: Apple link Roar7

How To Use Roar 7 App on PC and Smartphone

There are two ways to access Roar 7; if you use a laptop or computer for most of the time, you can visit and if you want to access it from your smartphone you can download it from the links given above.

How To Sign Up for Roar7: After installing the Roar 7 app on your phone, click on the lion icon on your menu screen. Being a new user, you can register or sign up on the app by clicking on Sign up now button and entering all the specific details.

Roar7 sign up, how to signup in roar 7, roar 7 login

If you have already registered here, you can log in by filling your user id and password. Now you will get the access to post your Roar and to use all the features provided by this app.

How To Set/Change Profile Pic in Roar 7: Uploading your profile pic on Roar 7 is quiet easy. Just click on your username and move to your profile, then click on the three dots you see there in upper right corner > then click on Edit my photo button> Select your favorite image from the gallery and that’s how you upload your profile picture on Roar 7. The process of changing the cover photo is almost same as the profile pic!

How to send a friend request on Roar 7: On Roar 7 you have to click on the small arrow on the right side of the user and then on Add Pride Member to add other users as friends. Once you hit on Add Pride Member you have to wait until user on the other side approves your Pride request. If you’ve accidentally send a pride request to someone, you can cancel it anytime. To unfriend someone, you have to hit on Remove Pride Member.

How to change the username on Roar 7: Go to Settings, there you can change your profile name and username.

How to make your account private on Roar 7: Those who are very concerned about their privacy matters, can turn their Roar7 profiles private by changing the settings. There are many options in privacy settings in which you can select whether to make your whole profile private or only the photos and posts.

Important Features Of Roar 7 App

The app is based on a very interesting theme that is the theme of a Lion and it’s kingdom; just as the lion has its own empire, everybody, using this app would be having their own pride. The profile will be the territory of user friends will be the pride members.

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Initially, every user will get a young lion bronze badge, as his activity and pride members will increase on the app, his height will increase in the Kingdom and he will be getting silver and gold badge.

A golden lion badge on Roar 7 means a sign of a verified user just like a blue sign on Facebook and Twitter indicates a verified user. Apart from activity, top Roarers will also be announced every week on the basis of activity they perform.

A complete encyclopedia for all kind of user segments:

  • Market Place: This section works like OLX, Quikr or Craiglist, it will provide you the facility to buy and sell various new and old household items like furniture, gadgets, electronic gadgets etc.
  • Knowledge Hunt: This section is like encyclopedia, in this section, you will come to know about all the latest information regarding various fields of your interest.
  • Expert Advice: This section of the app is like Quora or Yahoo Answers that will clear all your doubts and you can ask your queries from the community of doctors, engineers, lawyers, education and career experts and agriculture specialists.
  • Agriculture: Here you will come to know about the latest prices of the sale and purchase of crops and agriculture commodities.

This newly launched app is very easy to use and is very interesting too. So download it and post your first ROAR. Feel free to ask any questions and doubts in the comments section.

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  • Awesome app.. All in one app. One can enjoy music,can add to knowledge and expertise are there for advice .. I love this app. Roar sound is my favourite …

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