Gamer Headphones – Guide for Buying the Best Gamer Headsets

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You may be astounded by the variety of gamer headphones available in the market. There is so much diversity in the gaming headsets industry. Confused about which gamer headset to buy? You are in the right place. This article will help you to choose the best gaming headset based on your needs and within affordable cost.

The quality of sound matters a lot for a good gaming experience. In order to gain competitive advantage and have an immersive feeling in your gameplay, you’ll need a good quality gaming headset one day or other. Good quality of sound enables you to audio cues of your game, pays attention to subtle details and distinguishes the direction of the sound. This guide will show you how to choose the good gamer headsets. There is a wide range of gamer headphones like surround sound, wireless and much more. Let’s get started.

Surround Sound Gaming Headphone

In order to hear the sound from different angles, multiple drivers are kept on each side of the ear pad for different audio channels. The sound from all angles makes the headset a surround sound gaming headphone and it makes the sound very direction sensitive.

This helps you in detecting the direction of the sound. Knowing the enemy footsteps and direction of the gun gives an advantage in games like Call of Duty. That’s why a surround sound gaming headset is a good choice because it offers directional audio. Razer’s Kraken Chroma 7.1 and Sennheiser’s PC 323D are the best surround sound gaming headsets in the market. They are awesome in terms of creating directional audio for great gaming experience.

Wireless Gaming Headphone

The most common dilemma faced by gamers is choosing between a wireless or wired gaming headphone. Both have their own cons and pros. Wired gaming headsets would be the best choice for PC gamers. Their plus point is that they don’t need to be charged. But if you are using console then you need a wireless gaming headset. Wireless headphones need to be charged.

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Good wireless gaming headphones need an hour to charge full and they offer around 8 hours of battery life. As compared to wired gaming headphones, wireless are more expensive. There is a huge range of good wired gaming headphones available with a lot of features. Best buying options for wireless headphones are ASTRO Gaming A50 and Logitech G930 and for wired headphones HyperX Cloud II.

Comfortable Gaming Headphones

Comfort while gaming is very important when you have to use gaming headset for hours. Materials in the headband and ear cup tell us whether a headset is comfortable or not. Leather ear cups are very comfortable but the problem is that they can develop sweat when used for long hours. On the other hand, spongier ear cups won’t this problem but they are not nice to wear. Headband of the headset should be comfortable to wear.

It should not be too tight that it crushes your skull nor it should be too loose that it doesn’t rest on your head. When you have to you use the headset for hours, it should gently rest on your head for hours so that it’ll not disturb you while you are in the middle of a gaming session. You should prefer padded headbands as compared to headsets that use materials like ski mask bands for headbands because they provide a fair amount of comfort.

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Headbands without padding like that are made up of metals or plastic. Moreover, the weight of a headset plays a great part in making a headset comfortable. If a headset is light in weight then it is more comfortable to use for hours as compared to the headset which is heavy. You can not use the heavy headset for more than 1-2 hours. So be more vigilant while selecting a headset. Don’t compromise comfort because it matters a lot when it comes to gaming.

Gaming Headphone Compatibility

While searching a gaming headset, its compatibility is an essential factor to keep in mind. There only a lot of headsets which compatible with all types of gaming platforms. But some headsets are only compatible with one or two type of gaming platforms. Be careful when buying a headset because if it is not compatible with your gaming platform then there is no point of wasting money on that headset.

You don’t want to waste your hard earned cash only to realize that you have got a really good gaming headphone which is not compatible with your device.

Gaming Headsets and Mics

Most of the headsets available in the market have a boom mic attached to them which are either omnidirectional or unidirectional. The majority of gaming companies include omnidirectional mic because they tend to pick up sounds from all directions. On the contrast, gaming headphones that come with unidirectional mics tend to produce more crisp and clear audio and are better at rejecting off axis sounds.

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Some gamers find obtrusive to have a boom mic while playing games so they don’t prefer to have a boom mic. The solution to this problem is that you can buy a lavalier mic or clip-on that silently rests on your shirt and is less obtrusive while purchasing a decent gaming headset. If you need a crisp-clear voice chat, the unidirectional boom mic is the best option for you.

Programmable Buttons

Every hardcore gamer appreciates the convenience. A gamer can never let his guard down no matter what game is being played. Programmable button controls are more of a luxury than a critical or necessary feature but these buttons on headsets are a quick alternative for making sound adjustments.

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G 930 headset is created by Logitech comes with three programmable buttons on the side of ear cup to control gaming features, built-in voice modulating software and control charts.

Gaming Headphone Durability

Gaming headset should be durable because there is no point to spend money again and again on headsets. Whether you use your gaming headset roughly or not but still you want a gaming headset that is made of good material and last longer. Cheaper headsets break easily than the expensive ones. Don’t compromise the durability of headset over price.

In general, the headsets which are above the price of 200 dollars are more durable as compared to the cheaper ones. You can learn more about the pricing in one of the following paragraphs.

Open vs Closed Headphone

 There are 2 major types of headsets open headsets and closed headsets. Closed headsets are the ones which have a solid cup around the speaker and earpiece that completely isolates your ear from the outside. On the other hand, open headsets have a perforated ear cup that creates a more natural and less muffled sound. Some games are more entertaining with the open gaming headphones because of the quality of sound. But its drawback is that it allows external noise in and also more sound out.

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If your gaming center is surrounded by ambient noise that you do not want to disturb you while playing games then closed headphones are the best choice for you. Moreover, it also keeps the sound of your game in the headphones so people around you in the gaming center cannot be disturbed by your game sound.

Price of Gaming Headphone

Last but the most important factor to keep in mind is the price of the gaming headphone. There a lot of good quality headsets available in the market that can be purchased below 200 dollars. If you are looking for ultra high-end experience then you have to spend more than 200 dollars to buy a headset according to your requirements otherwise there is no need to buy headset of more than 200 dollars.

This ultimately boils down to what you want at the end of the day. If you want some high-end experience then we suggest that you go for something that is above 200 dollars. Otherwise, you can settle at under 200 dollars.

If you have a low budget don’t go for wireless headsets. Wireless headsets cost you more than 100 dollars so if you have less than 100 dollars go for a wired gaming headset. If you are not a hardcore gamer then headsets below 100 dollars are more than enough for you. Best gaming headphone in the range of 100 dollars is the HyperX Cloud II.

If your range is from 100 to 200 dollars then you can consider Astro Gaming A40 or HyperX Cloud Revolver gaming headset. Both of them are the best gaming headphones in the gaming market. If you are very short of budget then Turtle Beach headsets are the best headsets. They can be purchased for 50 dollars, especially the Turtle Beach ear force XO. You can buy HyperX Stinger in this range as well. Brands like Astro, Turtle Beach, and HyperX are great at producing best gaming headsets.

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